Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Tuesday Tweets (#10TuesTweets)

Join us for free professional development and great discussion that will accessible from just about anywhere if you have an electronic device! I’m issuing a challenge to all staff members at our school to participate in what will be called “Ten Tuesday Tweets!” 

Beginning Tuesday, May 29 and every Tuesday after that through the month of July, we will meet from 10:00 am – 10:30 am CST for a Twitter Chat using the hashtag #10TuesTweets. The main goal will be for our staff to stay connected over the summer and continue professional conversation and reflection around our school’s goals. It will also allow all of us to explore and build professional learning networks (PLNs) outside our district, and around the world. Anyone interested in education can join us!

Topics will center around the use of social media in schools, student motivation, and formative assessment and standards-based grading. I will facilitate each session by presenting a question or interesting quote from a professional journal or book. Anyone participating in the #10TuesTweets conversation can respond to questions or quotes, share links and highlights from personal experience, offer insights in to their own research or practice, or ask questions. The good news is, anyone can join in from anywhere. After each Tuesday chat, I will “storify” the tweets and publish via Twitter so that anyone interested can catch up on the conversation.

In preparation for the #10TuesTweets, some “fair game” books for quotes and questions are located on my Shelfari bookshelf in the right margin of the blog.

My experience in social media in the professional realm has transformed my philosophy and energized my efforts to improve how I do what I do! Many digital leaders such as @NMHS_Principal Eric Sheninger have transformed my beliefs about social media and its use in schools. I jokingly say that when I grow up, I want to be a digital principal too. (See photo… with permission from Mr. Sheninger) I would be honored if he were reading this blog post and decided to join us! I'm excited to learn with all of you. 10:00 am (CST) on 10 Tuesdays beginning on May 29, 2012. See you on there!

Created with Mr. Sheninger's permission

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