Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's More Fun On The Bus!

Our administrative team recently read Jon Gordon's The Energy Bus as a small group book study. The story is a fable based on the life of a businessman named George who learns ten rules to fuel the ride of his life. George is down on his luck, personally and professionally. One morning as his world is crumbling, he is forced to ride the bus to work because his car breaks down. He doesn't realize it at first, but he is aboard the "Energy Bus" driven by Joy who, along with her other passengers, teach him the ten rules.

Although, George is a business man, his story has many parallels to the education profession. So many, that we chose his book as our theme or school mantra for the year. Some may criticize or tease that a high school has an annual theme, but I think a theme helps sustain a positive culture throughout a school year. A theme that helps bring focus to our purpose can be like a lighthouse for when the seas become rough. And, we know all too well the seas can become rough.

The Energy Bus theme is incorporated into the weekly principal's newsletter that is modeled after Todd Whitaker's Friday Focus. T shirts and note cards with the theme logo are printed for the entire high school faculty and staff. The opening faculty meeting is an inspirational kickoff to inspire and set a positive tone for the school year.

Without giving away too much of the book, I will end this post by saying "IT'S MORE FUN ON THE BUS!" And, here is how we tried to convince our faculty and staff to join us!

Other themes we have used in recent years include:

212 - The Extra Degree by Sam Parker & Mac Anderson
BELIEVE- "You Will Become What You Believe"
Good to Great - by Jim Collins
Dare To Be Uncommon - by Tony Dungy
Packing Parachutes - The story of Charlie Plumb

What kind of crazy things do you do to inspire? What themes have you used to help keep school culture positive? Please share!

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